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"Lacrosse is on?" PLL opening day recap and Day 2 Preview

So there weren't any other sports on so you watched lacrosse! Congrats! It was probably a little confusing but I guarantee you were like Woah that was violent and action-packed but I was confused about a couple of things. I would also like to apologize both my picks were wrong.

Redwoods Vs. Whipsnakes Recap 

To sum it up

The Redwoods had a better static offense meaning when they set up plays in the offensive zone they had a lot of production. The combo of the physical Myles Jones and high powered shooters such as Kyle Harrison and Sergio Perkovic was perfectly complimented by the agile Matt Kavanagh and Clarke Petterson. 

Kyle Harrison is low-key old but the dude can still rip a 2 pointer (A long shot like a 3 pointer in basketball but 2 pts)

Myles Jones is a freak of nature

Perkovic "The Motor City Hitman" has a 50 cal machine gun for a shot, low-key overshadowed by Belicheck

The thing is they couldn't maintain possession to let the offense score. They couldn't get the ball because the Whipsnake's Joe Nardella dominated the Faceoff X winning 68% of the faceoffs. In lacrosse, the faceoff X controls the tempo and momentum in the game. Joe Nardella dominated the faceoff X allowing the whipsnakes to dominate the game. His contribution of 2 goals in transition offense was key to the whipsnake win. 

Nardella is not a FOGO (face off go off term for face off specialist) he is a Fossc (face off scoop score celly)

The Whipsnake's attack duo of Zedd Williams, who got a hat-trick, and Matt Rambo was key to setting goals and securing the Whipsnake win. 

But at the end of the day, Nardella maintaining their possession of the ball (the Redwoods were scoreless in the 3rd Quarter) won this game. Also Michael Ehrhardt with 7 ground balls is huge for maintaining possession for the whipsnakes. Ground balls are an extremely gritty stat. 

Chaos Vs. Chrome Recap

Chaos went up big against the Chrome early in the first half, but the Chrome dominated the second half and outscored the Chaos 9-1 in the second half. Once again this was a game dictated entirely on the Face off X, Connor Farrell the absolute meat wagon won 78% of the faceoffs allowing Chrome to dominate the second half. 

If your not a fan of Lacrosse but love sports you gotta love the Chromes Matt Gaudet's chirps. 

The fiery Canadian was a lot of talk but only had one goal no assists.... Lotta guys wanna take his head off from the look of it, if theirs a prop bet for a big hit on Gaudet I would take it. His voice is Squeaky af lmaooo.

Chrome attack put on a show with Wolfe and Fields

Last tweet check out this dope snipe by Ned Crotty another OG of the game

Waterdogs vs Atlas 4pm

The Atlas have Paul Rabil, Rob Pannell, Ryan Brown, Tucker Durkin, and Trevor Baptiste on the face off X. For those who do not know lacrosse Paul Rabil is lebron James, Rob Pannel is Dwayne Wade, and Trevor Baptiste is Chris Bosh because is faceoff role is more defensive.  The Atlas has a stacked roster facing off against the Waterdogs that are playing their first game in history.

The Waterdogs are huge Underdogs in this game.

Just check out these Atlas players' highlights. 

And we talked about how important the faceoff X is well trevor baptiste went 63% all of last season. 

Atlas Covers take the over.

for more lax coverage check out 

@jordiebarstool has been doing this way longer than I have and has a bunch of big lax names on his podcast.