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I 100% Believe Lou Williams Went To The Strip Club Just For Dinner After Hearing Him Talk About It Being His Favorite Restaurant AND The Menu Having Wings Named After Him

A valid question posed by Lou Williams here a couple days ago. Now to catch everyone up in case you missed it, Lou Williams left the bubble to go to a funeral in Atlanta for a family member. However, rapper Jack Harlow posed a picture with him and Lou Williams at Magic City - a strip club - before deleting it and claiming it was an old picture and he was just reminiscing about hanging out with Lou Will. 

Then last night it broke that he was being investigated by the NBA and might have to quarantine longer. But the real story was his quote that he went there just for dinner. I mean, shit, I thought it was the greatest lie of all time. Who goes to a strip club just for dinner? 

But now? Well, now I'm even firmly on Team Underground GOAT. The dude just fucking loves the chicken wings from Magic City. Listen to this interview from a few months ago: 

Or the fact the menu has wings named after him! 

Or this tweet from 2019! 

That man simply went to go get dinner and you can't convince me otherwise. He put his mask on - as shown in the picture - walked in for takeout, probably ordered his own wings. I say let the Underground GOAT cook. Lou Williams really might be the most fascinating player in the league: 

- Allen Iverson's protege 

- Quoted as saying he's your favorite player's favorite player

- Dated TWO women at the same time - called them Brown and Blonde based on their hair color

- Someone tried to rob him once, realized it was Lou Williams, dude apologized and Lou took him to McDonald's

- Named his son Syx after being Sixth Man of the Year

- Won $15k on a bet on the team bus that he couldn't chug a 6-pack before they got to the plane

All I know is that man went to Magic City for wings and you can't convince me otherwise. That said, every NBA player has gotta blackball Jack Harlow now. You can't be hanging out with a dude that's putting pictures on social media. 

And right after I published this he got hit with a 10-day mandated quarantine: