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Happy Anniversary To One Of The Greatest Moments In TV History ... PUPPIES!

Talk about an all-time Sunday morning surprise. Sure this moment is burnt into my memory - and the memory of every single guy between the age of roughly 30-40. The moment Sable removed that shirt, every single one of us reacted like Jerry Lawler. We didn't know what was happening, but we all liked it. Correction - we all loved it. 

Have there been more notable moment in TV history? Sure. But for me and every other guy this was a pivotal moment. This was a moment where we felt feelings we never knew before. Then we found out about Sable posing for Playboy and in that moment we all knew we had to steal a magazine from a friend's dad or the store when they used to tuck it away in the back. 

Man, the Attitude Era was the best. Between shit like this, the blood, the actual wrestlers, we lived a simpler time in the 90s. Have a Sunday folks.