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God I Love These Vans Cleats


Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 11.59.07 PM.png


I absolutely love these. When players show some personality it's the best. We see it in football and basketball all the time, but in baseball everything is usually by the book..until now. Because these Vans spikes are fucking awesome. When players show up in something unique like this, it completely changes your perception of them. It's a shame baseball still making everyone wear belts and tucked in tight white pants, I'd love to see more personality outta them. We all do, we've been talking about this for years. I literally have no reason to care about Michael Lorenzen and now he's the California Kid. Amazing, eh MLB? Give these guys some freedom and people take notice.


PS: Vans gotta be the most versatile shoe on the planet. Wear them with anything and they work. I guess Jordans as well. Go with everything.