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Weekend Wake Up: What Is George Costanza's Best Moment?

Gun to your head, what is George Costanza's best moment on Seinfeld? He's arguably one of the best characters we've ever seen on TV but I have 0 clue what his number one moment is. He has a laundry list of amazing moments, Festivus, his mom catching him "being alone", dragging the Yankees World Series trophy around, "It's not you it's me", buying cheap stamps, marine biologist, the answering machine, Summer Of George, bozo the clown and the fire, "Was that wrong?", "I HATE THE DRAKE!", his photo shoot, the jerk store, Vandelay Industries, shrinkage. And those are all off the top of my head. You could make an argument for any of those to be his best moment and I'd be okay with that. That's what made him a great character, so many hilarious moments and he wasn't even the main character of the show. Let me know what you think George's #1 moment of the show is. I think it's the photo shoot, it has to be? Maybe shrinkage? IDK IDK.