NFL BOMB: The Seattle Seahawks Have Acquired Jamal Adams From The New York Gase

And this is why the Jets are the Jets and the Seahawks are the Seahawks. Jamal Adams wanted to lead in New York. He made that loud and clear any time someone asked. Even when someone didn't ask he'd bring it up. And after the Jets put him on the block, rather than build around one of, if not THE best safeties in the League Adams bitched and moaned and called out Adam Gase until today. Now the Seahawks, who last won a Super Bowl off the backs of dominant secondary play, have their new cornerstone defensive weapon. 

Now the Jets got a decent haul of picks for Adams, but let me tell you why that doesn't matter: the Jets are on the receiving end of those picks. When they do hit on their picks, they get players like... Jamal Adams, who they promptly piss off and run out of town. For the Seahawks, I honestly don't even think this is a huge payment for them. You talk about a team who has routinely used their first round picks on reach after reach, you might as well deal them for a proven commodity and get back that advantage your defense was most known for. Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor out, Jamal Adams comes in. Good teams stay good, bad teams stay bad. A tale as old as time in the National Football League.