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Shoutout To This Guy For Climbing A Mountain Then Crushing A GTLF For Barstool Chicago

This may come as a huge surprise but I’m not a big mountain climbing guy. It’s pretty fucking dangerous and generally speaking I need as much oxygen as I can get. That said, I have nothing but the upmost/utmost respect for anyone willing to do close to 3 miles north of sea level with a GTLF in their back pocket for the apex. Like that’s the kinda shit that makes me want to take a bullet for my guys. Climbing a goddamn mountain and having a couple beers just because you can and it’s delicious. I don’t say this lightly. I love Nick Monaghan. Same goes for anyone who is willing to take a GTLF to some of life’s most adventurous places. Bring one for me vicariously if you can spare it.

Let’s have ourselves a fucking weekend boys.