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Lou Williams Is Being Accused Of Leaving The NBA Bubble And Partying With Rapper Jack Harlow At An Atlanta Strip Club

It was only a matter of time before this happened right? Lou Williams left the bubble to go to a funeral of a family member. However, a picture was posted on IG of him and rapper Jack Harlow partying at a strip club in Atlanta. Now, who cares? If he's already out of the bubble for a funeral is he supposed to do nothing? He was wearing a mask even! Although, ironically everyone is pointing out the mask he's wearing is from the gift bag NBA players are receiving inside the bubble. Maybe, just maybe, grab a plain mask instead. That's just my two cents. 

This isn't a Dwight Howard situation where he's walking around without a mask on and joking about it while saying he doesn't believe in vaccinations. This is Lou Will leaving for something serious and then ending up at a party with a rapper. I don't have a problem with it. Not sure how you social distance at a strip club but maybe he's just there for the scenery. 

My thing is just don't lie about it. Just say you were there, ended up at the party, wore your mask and kept social distancing. You gotta go through NBA protocols anyway when you get back to the bubble so why lie. Plus it's Lou Will. He's legit one of the coolest dudes in the NBA, feel like he can pull this off. Let Lou Will enjoy his strip clubs while wearing a mask. Also can guarantee this won't be the first time we hear something like this.