Joe Rogan Explains Why He's Leaving Los Angeles For Texas Officially

Well that is that. LA is OUT. Impossible to blame him. He got that bread from Spotify. I am pretty sure he flies a good amount of his guests in to his studio to do the podcasts anyways. He can fly them into Texas instead of LA just as easily if not more easily and he doesn't have to deal with the bullshit that comes with living in a major city. High taxes, too many people, traffic, higher rates of covid, inability to do what you want when you want, homelessness, and the ability to do things you love, which for him is stand-up comedy. 

When you think about it, there might not be a freer person on the planet that Joe Rogan. He has found a way to make a SHIT ton of money doing things he would do for free. Martial arts, stand up, and having great conversations with experts and industry leaders. He's got it made and now he's stepping it up even further. His life, in my opinion, is #goals. I absolutely LOVE Chicago. It is the best city in the world, but with everything that has been going on and being unable to enjoy the things that make Chicago great because of the lockdown it does make me wish I could do our job from someplace in the mountains like Boise or Boulder. If I could convince Eddie, WSD, Carl and Mrs Carl to move to Boulder until the lockdown ends(or for the winter) I would go in a heartbeat. Rogan doesn't have anything that can tie him down and now he won't have to pay the government for services he can't enjoy. Good on him and god bless.