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Corey Crawford Is Going To Edmonton...We're Back

Corey Crawford has been seen in months. Hasn't practiced. Everyone had written him off. The Oilers packed their big travel suitcase for the bubble anticipating a long stay.

Corey Crawford:

Connor McDavid:

This is a game changer. Without Crawford, it's time to talk yourself into 12.5% of Lafreniere. With him, that series price bet looks decent. There's a glimmer of hope. He's the day 1 starter. Someone sent me this poll from the Daily Herald guy

Buddy, I'd rather have a blindfolded Corey Crawford with no practices under his belt and bad case of diarrhea than Malcom Subban. Crawford gives the team a real chance because at his peak he is one of the best goalies in the league and he can make up for some of the defensive deficiencies. 

I was feeling pretty down about the Hawks a week away from the series opener against Edmonton. Then in a matter of days the Hawks added Toews as a full participant, Cal de Haan is saying he feels good, and Murphy is back as well. The Hawks defense is a problem, but I do like the top 4 defense. Keith-Boqvist and de Haan-Murphy are good enough to get the job done. Just needs to be a better team effort from the forwards helping out. With a full roster this team has a shot. I'll go to battle in a biodome with Kane, Toews, Keith, and Crawford any day, any time, and like our chances. Let's go. Once more into the breach. Join. Or. Die.