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Boxer Gets KO'd By A 42-Punch Combination Before She Even Realizes The Fight Started

Boxing is BACK on DAZN tonight, and to fill out some of these pandemic cards, promoters are letting some people they wouldn't ordinarily let fight into the squared circle. That would include debuting 42-year-old cancer survivor Miranda Adkins, who'd never defeated another boxer with a single victory to their name prior to getting in there tonight, and that lack of experience showed when Seniesa Estrada (19-0) beat her unconscious with a bazillion punches in just 7 seconds. Estrada was a -8500 favorite.

Obviously, this fight shouldn't have been sanctioned, and it's extremely dangerous to let something like this happen - but it's a pretty good reminder of what would happen if you average schmo off the street got into a fight with a pro. Pain.

Also - this guy over on Bellator's prelims MAY JUST BE hilarious looking.....

.....but he actually came up with the big W, so I apologize for roasting him! That guy's laugh in the video is just so damn contagious tho!