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Wake Up With Yoenis Cespedes' 2015 Mets Highlights (Bonus Mets 2020 Opening Day Recap Podcast)

Had to send it back to when every Mets fan on the planet fell in love with Yo after yesterday's blast ended up being the winning and only run of the game and gave us a little taste of that magic again. I know getting your heart invested in a team that specializes in breaking it during a fake season is a fool's errand, especially when 2 of your 3 pitchers are cooked in a 60 game sprint, and Jacob deGrom starts are as good as its gonna get outside of the offense constantly refusing to show up. But as a wise man once said:

Also, this season on We Gotta Believe we are going to do postgame recaps whenever we can live on the We Gotta Believe Twitter feed. They won't happen after every single game but instead whenever two or more of myself, KFC, Kyle, and Super Producer BC are around to talk about the good, the bad, and especially the ugly of whatever just transpired in a game that wasn't an absolute snoozer, which I imagine will be pretty often considering there is still a global pandemic happening outside our doors. The recaps will be uploaded on the We Gotta Believe feed, so make sure to subscribe on iTunes or Spotify. #LFGM