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Russell Wilson Named His Newborn Son The Most Russell Wilson Name Possible

Congrats to Russell Wilson and Ciara on the birth of their newborn baby, but I mean is this not the most Russell Wilson move possible? 

"Win"? We get it, dude. You're a leader. You put the team first. You have a "1-0" mindset everyday of your life, but its so Russell Wilson it almost feels disingenuous at this point. 

Perhaps it's a shot at Ciara's former man Future. He has a song "I Won" that came out a few years ago, so maybe this is one last right hook to him saying "nah, man. At the end of the day, I Win. Literally". 

I'm just imagining what the football pundits are already saying about this move from the universally loved and respected Wilson. "This guy just gets it. It's what his family is about. It's what he is about. Winning." 

Personally I think Harrison is a cooler name, but I don't have kids and I'm sure one day I'll end up having one named "Aiden" or something Instagrammy like that. 

Talk about a lot of pressure on a kid from the jump, though. Jesus christ. "Yes son, we named you Win because you're a winner and that's what we do." Guess when your parents are Russell Wilson and Ciara you don't really have much to worry about anyways. 

In reality that kid is going to be winning every day simply because of what he was born into. 

Congrats again, guys, and best of luck "WIN!".