Grocery Store Karen Invokes Jesus, Banishes Shoppers to Hell for Being in Her Aisle

It's not necessarily clear if the situation involving this particular Karen is directly related to coronavirus or masks as the rest of these videos have been, but it is crystal clear that is is related to her being legitimately insane.

This situation comes to us from Longview, Washington, where this woman was apparently so adamant that nobody else be in the same aisle as her that she began calling upon the assistance of Jesus Christ to banish them all to Hell.

The woman starts with a general directive to everyone that she invokes the power of Jesus to remove them all from the aisle before getting in another woman's face and screaming, "You are a demon! Get off this aisle!"

It then got worse for the rest of the patrons, however, as they will all be sent straight to Hell at Karen's directive. "I rebuke you all and cast you into the Lake of Fire in Jesus Christ's mighty name," she said.

My favorite part was when she referred to herself as one of Christianity's closest adherents, saying, "Stay out of this aisle until I can buy something. Have respect for Jesus Christ's saints!" I'm not an expert on saints, but I have given the Bible a once-over and I don't think screaming at people banishing them to Hell for being in the same grocery store aisle as you is mentioned as a way to win ultimate favor with the Lord.

Honestly, a choice between an eternity in Hell and 40 years married to this woman seem about on par with one another. I hope she got the soap she was looking for, though.