The Content Everyone Is Waiting For Today

If you've been on the Internet at all today, you've probably seen the content everyone is talking about. Barstool is even trending on Twitter right now. 


The reason is obvious. StoolTeam6 is BACK. 

Just before the pandemic hit, we were really hitting our stride. Our breakout ascension to becoming the Hype House 2.0 was imminent. Unfortunately, we had to put a stop to our production as were all separated. People across the globe wondered when we'd return. 

"Wtf has this company become? I love Barstool and have been a Stoolie since the newspaper days. But if StoolTeam6 doesn't come back soon, I honestly may stop coming back to this website."

-Anonymous commenter 

Well, fear not. We're back. And we're back with a vengeance. The content is only going to get bigger and better. We will be back in the office at least once a week to film viral Toks and vlogs. 

See you guys at Coachella 2021. 

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