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It Amazes Me How Many People Got Worked By Adam Cole And Pat McAfee Yesterday

What I often hear from pro wrestling haters (aka jabronis) is that they could never like fake entertainment. The cognitive dissonance displayed here is crazy when you consider the same person who poo-poos pro wrestling can't stop talking about their love for TV shows and even reality TV shows! 

Yesterday, NXT (a part of the WWE) champion Adam Cole went on Pat McAfee's radio show. They've had manufactured beef in the past as they're both employees of the WWE. 

9 minutes into the interview, McAfee brought up the comparisons between Cole and Shawn Michaels. McAfee inferred that the comparisons between the two are a bit ridiculous (great work by McAfee here). After that chaos ensued:

I first heard about this interview in a Barstool group chat I am in. Most of the people in the group chat are behind the scenes so you wouldn't know who they are. Some of the quotes from that group chat:

"Electric content."

"It's insane."

"That was fucking amazing."

"Oh my god I was on the edge of my seat."

"I thought he was gonna come back and start throwing hands."

"That guy (Adam Cole) is a delusional fuck."

These members of this group chat weren't the only ones worked:

The number of people who thought the interview was real was shocking. Even when I told the group chat that they were getting worked, they didn't back down. 

"Not scripted. You can tell."

"That would be the best scripting of all time."

I don't blame non-WWE fans for not understanding this was a work. However, once you're told it's a work and you deny it? Then we have a problem. And then, on top of that, once you tell me that it was captivating and electrifying but go on to say wrestling is fake and that's why you don't like it? Come on, guys! You can not like wrestling, but you don't like wrestling because you don't like wrestling, not because it's fake. This is a perfect example of that. 

This moment between Cole and McAfee trended on Twitter yesterday and was debated on the "legitamacy" of it. That's how you know Adam Cole is a great wrestler and McAfee set him up perfectly. 

Don't get worked. It's 2020. Use your brain.