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The Blue Jays Will Officially Call Buffalo Their Home in 2020

Pretty crazy storyline that's been unfolding over the last few weeks is where the fuck the Toronto Blue Jays were going to play baseball this year. The country of Canada told them no. The state of Pennsylvania told them no despite the Pirates originally coming to an agreement with them to share PNC Park. Of course Nightengale botched that part of the story because that's what Bob does best. If Bob said the sun was going to come up in the morning we'd be trapped in night time forever. Fucking Bob.

Buffalo always made the most sense. It's where the Jays AAA stadium resides and is just an hour and a half drive from Toronto. The biggest issue is that their stadium is not a place that can adequately host a baseball team for 30 games. 

At the end of the day it's better to have a home than be homeless right? The worst case scenario was they were going to have to play on the road for every single game. You just can't be doing that to the players. I'm sure they'll try to upgrade as many things as they can which will benefit the AAA team the next time they play, but it's certainly going to be weird. I will say the Buffalo Blue Jays kinda rolls nicely off the tongue. This could be a disaster. Actually it'll probably be a disaster if this field is as bad as advertised, but this is 2020 baseball baby. We've got MLB teams calling AAA stadiums homes. Fucking coronavirus. 

P.S. The Rogers Centre has been a recent house of horrors for the Yankees so this is great news for them. Buffalove!