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Notre Dame, Not A Member Of The Atlantic Coast Conference, Will Be Playing In The ACC Championship Game

To borrow a line from Uncle Chaps...the haters are going to be FURIOUS. 

If I am being honest, I don't really care if the Irish are allowed to play in the ACC Championship. I just want them to be able to play a full 12 games so we can all enjoy a college football season in the Fall the way God intended. I wrote before that I don't understand why people care so much that ND is an independent. If Alabama decided to leave their conference I would not give a FUCK as long as they still played Auburn in the Iron Bowl at the end of the year and LSU under the lights in early November. 

I am disappointed that ND will have to play a cupcake schedule featuring teams like Florida State, Wake Forest, Duke, and the likes. Having said that, knowing how much people will HATE it if an independent Notre Dame wins a conference championship that sends them to the playoff will allow me to reach troll levels in college football twitter never before possible. So thank you to the kind folks at the ACC who are giving Notre Dame a full schedule, a shot at a conference championship, and the playoff. That is a good business partner. That's a friend. That's Southern hospitality. I hope they are rewarded with their highest rated and most profitable ACC Championship game ever when Notre Dame beats Clemson for the second time in 5 weeks. The uNDefeated blog will practically write itself when the schedule is officially announced.