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This English Soccer Player Partying His Ass Off And Then Tweeting A Picture Of Him With The Trophy And A Beer In Bed At 5am Is An A+ Flex

And this is exactly what I expect English soccer celebrations to be like. Leeds United won the Championship League, which means they get promoted to Premier League next year. First off, I fucking love relegation/promotion. It just adds so much importance to the end of the season. Like yeah, it sucks that Liverpool locked up the Premier League title with 7 matches left or whatever, but we still had fights to avoid relegation. And then in the lower levels you have shit like this where a team wins a title and gets to go up for a year. 

But this dude Liam Cooper just flexed all over the other Championship level teams. You win a title as the best player on the squad, you deserve every right to send a tweet out at 5am saying 'good night' as you have on a nice watch, drinking a beer and having the trophy in bed with you. There's no doubt he probably had a smoke taking that picture for him too. If I know English soccer players like I think I do, they all have smokes around them. 

I kinda love how English soccer teams do their celebrations too. Like here in America we hear about teams going to Vegas and all these other party destinations. In England it's right there in the streets where they play. We need to adopt that in America more. I know we get the parade, but I'm talking give me the celebration the night they win the title right there in the streets. That'd be content and awesome. 

And yes I know what the Twitter timestamp is - that's mine. There's time zones

The Scots skipper posted a snap of him on Twitter wishing fans a “good night” at 4.56 am today.