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Wake Up A Little Later Than Normal With The Best Of David Ross

It's opening day and that's amazing news for everyone. I honestly don't know how many more days of content I have left in me where we argue about HBO series or best times to take viagra. Like there's only so much shit I can actually talk about without sports much less baseball much less the Chicago Cubs. So when I say I'm all jacked up on mountain dew for opening day, I really fucking mean it. This has been such a long time coming for everyone with at least a semi-functioning brain. 

That said, this Top-10 is downright incredible and even more amazing is it's compiled from just 2-seasons from a late-30's backup catcher. Even so I'm still crying because it's that good of a top-10. The amount of big homeruns this guy hit is nothing short of astonishing and no he's the skipper for the boys. I love this shit. 

Last thing, people keep asking me what I actually think about Ross as a manager. I'm on record and would like to reiterate that I think he has the makings to be on of the best managers of all time, and I would love if that developed over the next 25-30 years, all in the Chicago Cubs dugout. 

Let's have ourselves a fucking season.