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"folklore" Is Impossibly Good



I don't know how she does this. It's insane how good she is. This album is a masterpiece. And I know I'm a huge Taylor fan, but this is as objective as I can be- this is a near perfect album. It's not bops like you'd get on 1989 or Lover (though some songs have bop qualities to them)- it's Taylor, a guitar, a piano, and some of her best lyrics ever. It's everything a stripped down Taylor album should be. It's incredible how she does this. She doesn't miss, no matter what genre.

There's not a single bad song on it. There's no song I was hoping would end sooner or that I wanted to skip. I'm not ready to rank them yet, going to need another few listens, and I cannot wait to. First listen score: 9.8/10.