Kanye West Followed Me on Twitter Yesterday

Yesterday was easily the craziest day of my entire life. 

When I saw the notification on my phone reading that "Ye" followed me on twitter I was in complete and utter shock. One of the most famous people on earth followed me back. Never in my life did I ever think he of all people would follow ME back. 

Kanye West...A fan of me? Literally still sounds crazy saying it, like it almost doesn't feel real. 

Obviously, most people are aware of the recent drama within the Kardashian/West family. Kanye went on multiple serious twitter rants and made some shocking claims regarding Kim Kardashian. He basically said that Kim was a white supremacist and they were holding him captive within the house. Kanye has spoken publicly about his struggle with Bi-Polar Disorder so it's safe to assume his recent behavior most likely caused by some sort of manic episode. 

Yesterday more news broke that Kim Kardashian was meeting with a divorce lawyer after Kanyes rants and controversial comments had come to an end. 

I felt that since Kanye had just recently followed me I should direct message him and check in, just to make sure he is okay. Similar to how Dave Chappelle flew out to his house the other night.

So I shot him a DM and surprisingly enough...he actually replied. 


I simply thanked him for the follow and I wished that him and Kim work things out. All relationships go through Hell. Real ones make it through it.

Kanye is a tough man to read but he seemed pretty grateful that I reached out. I think this is the beginning of a great friendship.

Also here's proof that he actually followed me for anyone who thinks I'm lying.

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 9.47.53 PM.png