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Or Maybe Juan Soto Doesn't Have Corona After All? Or Something?


What a developing story! First Juan Soto, who has been quarantining the last 14 days, tested positive for COVID on Tuesday, but the results didn't come back until today. So that sent everyone into a tizzy because he's been practicing with the team and played in an exhibition against the Orioles. But now....




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Which one is it?!?! Did he false positive? And if so, that sounds like a fucking issue, huh? If they are testing players every day and they register a false positive and have to sit out? What if that happens in the playoffs? The World Series? Golly what a disaster that'd be. 

But not for nothing, if Soto doesn't have it right now, even missing 1 of 60 games isn't great. Especially when you're facing Gerrit Cole. What are you supposed to do? I guess that's just part of playing baseball this year? Sometimes guys will get positive corona tests? That certainly isn't optimal. Welcome to baseball, and sports I assume, in 2020.