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MLB Officially Announces Incredibly Stupid Idea To Expand Playoffs To 16 Teams For The 2020 Season

Well I'll get right out in front here and say this is fucking stupid. I think what makes the baseball postseason so great is how hard it is to get in. 162 game marathon and you're looking at only 5 teams per league, with two of them playing in a sudden death war right off the bat to advance. It's fantastic. 

Now we're talking 8 teams per side. Jesus Christ Manfred you truly are the worst. That 8th seed in the American League could be the 20 win Boston Red Sox for all we know. Maybe the Mariners? The Mets actually have hope now. It's an even year so don't count out the Giants despite them only having a handful of competent players. I realize this is all an effort to get more money on the table with networks and that's fine, but please don't make this a thing moving forward when the world goes back to normal. 

I think the top 2 seeds should have a bye rather than having to play a 3 game series where literally anything could happen. MLB is having all these games being played at the higher seed's park, but without fans does that really make a difference? On any given day a guy like Gerrit Cole, Max Scherzer, or Walker Buehler can have an off day and get rocked. That's the beauty of the sport. I'm not bitching here cause the Yankees are likely going to be in this position, but I'm saying this is really lame. Sure fans of shitty teams are going to be all in here. Carrabis probably came in his shorts reading these tweets. I get the excitement, but having more teams make the playoffs than missing it is like little league rules. 

The Yankees should beat anyone they face. If they have to play a 20 win team in the first round then so be it. For the future of the sport I hope this isn't the plan moving forward. That's my biggest fear here. I just hate Rob Manfred at the end of the day. Always trying to change the sport for people who don't watch in the first place while not giving a fuck about the people who eat, sleep, breathe baseball. Thanks Rob!

P.S. If Trout's Angels can't make the playoffs the year more teams get in than don't then he's never making it.