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Juan Soto's Positive Test Is From 2 Days Ago, He Practiced With The Team Yesterday, And MLB Needs To Figure Their Testing Out ASAP (Pray For The NFL)




I think this is the worst possible outcome for sports- finding out a player was around his entire team AND THE ORIOLES TOO while positive. Quite literally the opposite of what you want. So now if Soto spread it to someone, it might not show up in testing for a few days, which means THEY could be spreading it around, etc etc etc…oh and by the way, today is opening fucking day! It's opening day! And Soto just tested positive. The Blue Jays don't have a home! Our pets heads are falling off!

The NBA figured it out quick- require masks and play in a bubble. Perfect. The NHL should work similarly. MLB has fucked this process up every step of the way, and pray to baby Jesus that the NFL is taking notes because my heavens they have a ginormous uphill battle in front of them. NFL rosters are huge, they aren't going to play in a bubble, and oh yeah, the entire sport requires touching and physical contact. Think about how easily it will spread across the NFL. Fuck. 

I don't have the answers but holy shit if these leagues come back for a couple weeks and then shut down we'll have WWIII on our hands. Just, I don't know, figure it out. Keep the players and staffs safe, test correctly, and don't take shortcuts. This shouldn't be happening on opening day. Pray for the NFL.