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Beautiful Hummingbird Feeds HIS Babies And It's The Most Amazing Thing You'll See Hummingbird-Related Today

If you've been reading Barstool Sports dot com for a while, you know that a great majority of the bloggers here are HUGE hummingbird fans. That being said, it's truly an honor to be the one to share this video with you. 

Honest to god, this is adorable city. Truth be known, I had no ideas hummingbirds fed their babies. Think about how little an adult hummingbird is and now thing of that same thing but younger and smaller. That's a hummingbird baby. How can something so small care for something even smaller? That would be like asking a tiny baby puppy to care for a puppy who hasnt even been born yet. Irresponsible to even try. 

Anyway, what the fuck is that adult hummingbird shooting in their mouths? Is that milk? Do hummingbirds spit up breast milk like a baby in order to feed their babies? What the fuck