White Sox Fan Buys 100 Cutouts of Himself to Fill a Section at Guaranteed Rate Field

With no fans able to be in ballparks this season, some Major League Baseball teams have allowed fans to purchase cardboard cutouts of themselves which will be placed in seats throughout the stadium. It's sort of a cool thing to put in your man cave and tell people you had, I guess.

Well White Sox fan Paul Garrett thought the team's asking price of $49 per cutout was pretty reasonable, so he went ahead and purchased 100 of the available 1,500 cardboard fans and will now have an entire section behind the visitors' dugout of just him. This is the type of flex I can get behind.

Since there was a limited allotment, some people seemed turned off by Garrett's move. But if there was no fine print, then he's just playing by the rules. Sorry so many small-brained people didn't think to see how many they could put in the cart. Plus, all the money is going to charity, so does it really matter who bought them? The guy made a $5,000 charitable donation.

I say good for Garrett for donating $5,000 to charity while simultaneously confusing the hell out of every visiting team at Guaranteed Rate Field.