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Obama Uses Key from Key & Peele To Be His "Anger Translator" At The Correspondent's Dinner

Top 10 Jokes from the Correspondent’s Dinner

Say what you want about President Obama, he always kills these things. Always got jokes.

More importantly though how do I get invited to one of these? I’m a correspondent right? Yeah I don’t cover the “White House” per say but I’m definitely a journalist tackling important societal issues of the day, like the NCAA, corrupt administrations, frat theme parties, Instagram smokeshows. If that doesn’t earn me a seat at one of these honestly what else do I have to do? No I can’t really tell you in too much detail what’s going on with Iran right now or break down the activity of Super PACs heading into the next election, but if you need a scathing takedown of a punishment in college football, or the names and 20 pictures of the hottest girls from colleges in California you’ve never heard of, I’m your guy. You tell me what’s more valuable

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