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Mike Ford's Post About Making The Opening Day Roster After Playing 630 Minor League Games Is What It's All About

I'm such a sucker for a story like Mike Ford's. Dude has been in the minor leagues since 2013 just grinding away and hoping one day he gets a shot. Most guys in his spot don't ever get that shot, and for a while Mike Ford thought it would never come. Last year with Greg Bird being Greg Bird and being equally awful and injured at the same time, the first baseman from Princeton got the call. 

Mike went undrafted out of school, but found his way into the Yankees organization as a UFA. A few years ago after bouncing around different levels, he was selected by the Mariners in the Rule 5 draft with hopes of finding some playing time up there. A few months later he was returned to the Yankees and started mashing in AAA for two seasons. In 2019 he came out of the gate swinging like Barry Bonds and caught the front office's eyes. Fordy got the call and never looked back. 

He even got to pitch an inning during a blowout. 

His biggest moment came with the Oakland walk off. It was one of the coolest moments during the regular season for the Yankees last year. 

The Pride of Princeton finished with 12 homers and 25 RBIs in just 50 games. That was good for a .909 OPS as well. The guy flat out deserves to be in a big league lineup and the Yankees have realized that. He's on the 2020 Opening Day roster and belongs here. It's been a fucking grind for him, but it's all worth it now. I am so happy for him. 

Quick side note - When we were down in Tampa for our first Spring Training trip we were hanging out in the air conditioned area behind home plate to escape the 100 degree heat. Probably about 25 minutes before first pitch I got a message from Ford asking where we were. We had never met before but communicated a little back and forth on Instagram. He came all the way down just to say hi and introduce himself. As cool of a story it is for him to get to this point, I promise you it could not be happening to a better dude. That post he wrote at the top of the blog is exactly who he is. Just a humble fella, who hits baseballs really far, works hard as fuck everyday, and belongs in the big leagues. 

Born on the 4th of July. The son of two doctors. The Pride of Princeton. Mike Ford. 

Start the fucking season and please don't rain.