The Seattle Kraken May Just Have The Most Punnable Name In Sports History

I know this team name release and all the news surrounding it will be blogged about extensively on here, as it should be because Seattle and the NHL knocked it out of the goddamn park. Dope logo, badass name, sick colors and all taking place in a cool city that is desperate for more professional sports. There's also just something extra special about a team name that doesn't end in an s, which is pretty rare across the board of the four major leagues. 

 Feels like the perfect storm to just get off to a really good start. Also, the digital release was spectacular and it doesn't hurt that the Washington Redskins decided that for now they're just going to be the Washington Football Team. 

What I find to be the most underrated aspect of the choice to go with Kraken as a team name is the endless number of puns that are going to be up for grabs for announcers, writers, social media editors and anyone else who feels so compelled to talk about the team. 

Twitter already got off to a hot start with the puns, here are a few of my personal favorites.

Nothing like a little pat on the back for myself to start. Actually pretty clever, good job pal.

Would only work in conjunction if the Krakheads fan name sticks. Also, is this offensive? Not sure. Moving on.

Kraken heads, Kraken skulls, Kraken ice. All very good puns. Really Kraken myself up here. Sorry.

Kraken a cold one! Good because 1. Beers. and 2. Hockey is played on ice which is cold. An announcer firing off a "[Insert player name here] KRAKS OPEN A COLD ONE" after a huge goal? Come on.

Simple? Sure. Impactful? Hell yes.

Puns are generally some of the least funny, annoying things on this planet, but for some reason when they are shouted by an announcer during a crucial moment in a sporting event it just gets to me and I love every second of it.

My small brain is at capacity after producing those two decent puns, but luckily there are millions of other people available to just absolutely run this pun into the ground alongside me.