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While Large Pays To Watch 54-Year Old Mike Tyson vs 51-Year Old Roy Jones Jr, I'll Be Paying To Watch Nate Robinson Box Jake Paul On The Undercard (Allegedly)

Oh hell yeah. Don't get me wrong I'll tune in for Tyson/Jones, but I was never a huge boxing guy. I missed it by just a couple of years as a 33-year old. I watched Tyson/Holyfield and those are really the only true boxing memories I have of watching on TV. So similar to Large, I'll be paying to allegedly watch that: 

That said, Nate Robinson vs Jake Paul? Fuck yes. THAT'S what I'll be paying for. This has been a feud for quite some time even too! 

It's an interesting fight though. Paul is 6'1". Nate Robinson is listed at 5'9". That's a massive difference when it comes to a boxing match. Robinson obviously has the athletic advantage and is used to competing against people bigger than him. I expect there to be plenty of shit talking - at least I hope there is. Need someone to catch a hook to the dome in the middle of talking shit preferably. 

Honestly though why not get weird with this? We got two guys in their 50s boxing, give me all this shit. I'll also take Nate here. Zero chance I go against the basketball guy. He's gonna catch Jake with an uppercut to the chin. I can feel it.