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Revised Pac-12 Football Plan Includes 10-Game Conference Schedule, September 19 Start Date

As conferences across college football devise new plans to play the 2020 season, the Pac-12 is reportedly close to unveiling its model for the fall which includes a new Week 1 kickoff on September 19. The Mercury News reports that the plan is being finalized and will be unveiled sometime before the end of next week, but that the structure is in place.

In addition to the scheduled start on September 19, the league will play either nine or 10 conference games with two bye weeks built in — these will allow for extra rest as well as some flexibility if a game cannot be played as scheduled. The Pac-12 Championship Game could be played on one of three weekends, either as scheduled on December 4 if all goes as planned or on the weekends of December 11 or 18, if adjustments need to be made during the season.

Considering the fact many thought the Pac-12 would be the most likely conference to cancel its season entirely, the fact that it thinks we might be able to ride out this second coronavirus wave for another few weeks and get camp started in the middle of August is a positive sign. Obviously that's still very much up in the air, but if the Pac-12 thinks we have a shot, you know damn well the SEC is getting ready, too.

Obviously I'd expect every conference to have a plan in place and maybe it's just wishful thinking, but this has renewed my sense of hope. It's MLB Opening Day and the Pac-12 is talking about only a two-week delay in college football.

Maybe things are starting to turn around.