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Red Line Radio FT. White Sox "Swiss Army Knife" Danny Mendick Is LIVE!!!

This episode felt INCREDIBLE to record because of how fucking pumped up I am for baseball. I'll say this one last time before tomorrow's first pitch: nobody gives a shit about the White Sox, but you BETTER respect their roster. It's fucking loaded top to bottom with a perfect blend of youth/ceiling and experience/consistency. Top to bottom, it's one of the best in baseball and that was put on display against the Cubs in 2 games earlier this week:

So much goddamn talent on the team. And that's not just a fan getting too over his skis, the players think so too. They are hell bent on playoffs. HELL BENT on them. They want to walk into the stadium every single day and beat the piss out of the competition. Danny gets into that for us today while. 

Huge few weeks coming up on the show with us getting back to our baseball roots in this 60 game sprint of a season. 



I will be shoving this team down your throats for the next decade so get ready!!!