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FOX Will Have Virtual Fans in the Ballpark During Its Baseball Broadcasts

FOX Sports announced Thursday that beginning this weekend, it will have virtual fans in the ballpark during its Major League Baseball broadcasts this season. This comes after MLB made the announcement that every team would be using virtual crowd noise from the MLB The Show video game.

I'm not crazy about the virtual crowd noise because it seems kind of stupid to me to do that when we all know there's nobody there, but if you're doing the crowd noise, go all in and actually try to trick me with fake people on the screen. Maybe by the 40th game or so, I'll actually forget they're fake — unless Tropicana Field and Marlins Park are full, in which case it's a dead giveaway.

Many of the people in the comments of that tweet seem really triggered by this and I legitimately don't understand why. We all know nobody is able to go to the games and this is possibly a way to make the broadcasts look a little more normal.

I say go as all in as you can. I want to see a virtual fan run onto the field this season. I want to see a couple virtual fans get arrested for disorderly conduct on $2 Tuesday. Give me the works.

We're already playing a 60-game baseball season starting at the end of July due to a pandemic. There are no more rules. Let the video game character fans have their day.