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Charles Oakley Once Poured An Entire Bottle Of Jack Daniels On A Teammate Because The Guy Tried To Hide The Bottle From Oak On The Team Flight

[Source] - We’re flying from Toronto to Sacramento. Bro, this is a long-ass flight, right? These boys got the big bottles of Jack Daniels. The whole plane ride, they’re drinking like crazy. I’m talking about, they’ve got a bunch of bottles.

We land in Sacramento, and Oak is looking for the last bottle. My man don’t even want to drink no more. So, he hid the bottle under his seat.

Oak walking up and down the bus on the way to the hotel. “Hey, man. Where the motherf—ing bottle at? Who got that last bottle?” And, boy, somebody pointed at buddy. “Hey, where the motherf—ing bottle at? You hiding the bottles?” Dog, Oak was looking around him, grabbed the bottle.

Mind you, the dude is from Sacramento. Clean suit. He going home to see the fam.

Big-ass bottle. “Oh, you trying to hide the bottle. Oh, you don’t want to drink no more? Alright, motherf—er, you’re going to wear this.” And drenched it on him. The whole bottle, bro. Bro, the whole bottle on him.

Imagine a) trying to keep up drinking some Jack with Charles Oakley and then b) a pissed off Charles Oakley because you tried to hide a bottle of Jack. Me personally? Get that Tennessee shit out of here and drink some real Kentucky bourbon. But I digress. Back to Charles Oakley dumping an entire bottle of Jack Daniels on a teammate. Luckily we know who that teammate is.

 A bunch of people on the Internet figured out it was Michael Stewart, who never averaged over 9 minutes per game played and never averaged more than 2 points per game for the Raptors. That's just fucking insulting. Not only are you one of the last guys on the bench but now you're Charles Oakley's bitch on the plane. The poor guy was cleaned up in a nice suit just trying to see his family. Not under Charles Oakley's watch. No sir. 

I gotta admit, this is the worst thing though. Anybody who has ever had a drink thrown on them knows how much it sucks just being sticky and having to change clothes or try to dry off. It blows. Now imagine a whole goddamn bottle. You gotta shower with clothes on and then clothes off just to start to get that off of you. You're just sitting in a puddle of brown liquor. That's gotta be the worst feeling. Not to mention, you're a PRO ATHLETE. Feel like that shouldn't happen to someone of that stature, but you know, Oakley. 

Credit to a 19-year old TMac though. He was smart enough to see the craziness and be like yep, Oak is my guy. Let me go see if he needs anything.