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Warren Sharp Tweeted An Absolute Masterpiece Thread About The Fullback

Whenever people say "an important thread" on twitter I get annoyed and roll my eye and keep scrolling. This is, however, and actually important thread

Maybe it's because I was a fullback in high school. Maybe it's because they're unheralded, gritty, tough guys, but I have always loved fullbacks. Young Chief, just a little baby who didn't know shit about anything except that he loved Notre Dame's gold helmets shining in the sun and that Marc Edwards was my favorite player. Fullbacks should always have a place according to Bill Walsh and Warren Sharp. 

I remember the name Tom Rathman. I did NOT know he was such a giant part of those 49ers teams. 

Is it important to use a fullback?

looks at Bears fullback depth chart

Zero fullbacks, 11 tight ends.

This gets a little more frustrating when Nagy appears in this clip and basically acknowledges that New England uses the fullback. That the fullback isn't going anywhere and that the fullback is valuable

"I'm not an idiot"--Matt Nagy

Anyways, back to the fullbacks. They don't even need to have a touch to impact the game and make life easier on the Quarterback

Trust the fullback. Appreciate the fullback. And Matt Nagy…USE THE FUCKING FULLBACK. This is the type of message that everyone needs to hear and Warren Sharp is the perfect guy to deliver that message. Less wide receivers. More fullbacks. DO it.