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Will Someone Help JR Smith Out And Get Him Some Damn Underwear In The Bubble?

See this is one of the numerous reasons we need JR Smith in the league at all times, especially true when there's bubble life. We've all been in this scenario. You do the math in your head on how many pairs of underwear you need, factor in you can do wash and you go way under. Also you know JR Smith isn't lying here. This is him just being JR and honest as hell. He could have lied and said something like oh he wished he packed his extra laptop or some shit like that. Nope, the man just needs some drawers. 

I'd love to know JR Smith's packing strategy here. Me personally I go underwear first and I overpack. I get not everyone has that line of thinking, but that's mine. How JR only goes 7 proves he was packing other things. Could have been shoes, could have been Henny, could have been other things. 

I'll say this though. If he can use this in some mental warfare, credit to JR. He probably has assistant coaches shaking in their boots whenever he has a bowl of soup. Now he's the dude with dirty drawers. No one wants to guard that. Think about when you were a kid or now if you go play pickup. You know who you don't want to guard? The dude that's dripping in sweat when you shoot free throws to line up teams. You think people want to be around JR if he's running around out there with dirty drawers? I don't think so.