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The Homeless Blue Jays May Actually Be Playing Their "Home Games" In Baltimore


First of all, happy Opening Day, friends. All week it sounded like the Pittsburgh Blue Jays were doing to be a thing. Since they weren't going to be allowed to play their home games in Toronto, Pittsburgh made sense since it was kinda close. Then we got this news... 



The agreement was falling apart and the Jays were basically told to kick rocks and find a new "home" stadium a week before their home opener. I totally understand Pittsburgh not wanting teams from the hot spots to come to their park, that is why we are in this predicament in the first place with Toronto. There was also talk about the Jays playing in the Spring Training home in Dunedin, FL, or their Triple A park in Buffalo. Neither are great options if you ask me because neither are able to replicate the lighting and space needed for a major league team. TV crews, clubhouse space, things like that wouldn't work for a 30 game home schedule in those places. Logistically this seems like a nightmare to try and do, but something has to be done. They really can't allow the Jays to be road warriors for 60 games.



The other popular alternative place was Baltimore's Camden Yards. I don't have to go into detail telling you how beautiful it is, how it changed the game of baseball forever, how it's not really a ballpark but a monument and should be treated like one. I don't have to tell you all that. Baltimore reportedly is okay with letting the Blue Jays play here in Baltimore, but there are still some hurdles to get over. Governor Larry Hogan and the MD Government have to approve of the move, the Jays legit may have to shower and dress in portable air conditioned tents set up in the concourse of Camden Yards since they will not be permitted to use the Orioles home clubhouse, nor the visiting one. There are some scheduling things that conflict, but Dan Connolly said in the Athletic they can move those around. Who knows what the Government will do, but they really do need to get this thing moving fast. The Jays legit are homeless right now, think about that, a professional baseball team ON THE DAY THE SEASON STARTS doesn't know where they will be playing a majority of their home games. Maybe Baltimore can get some good karma for letting the Jays use Camden for this season. It doesn't really matter to me, I'm kind of psyched that I'll probably get to see Vlad Jr hit bombs that go into orbit from my house. Here's to hoping the MD Government agrees to this, and the Jays accept the rules and we can get this thing rolling. Now what happens if the Jays don't agree to the terms, or the Government backs out? That is where it gets sticky. 

PS - "FiNaLlY a ReAl BaSeBaLl TeAm In BaLtImOrE!" there, I said it so you can't.