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Mikey Williams - One Of The Best Recruits In High School - Drops His Top-10, Including 5 HBCU's As He Gets Closer To Making History

I know we're still some time away from Mikey Williams officially declaring where he's going to school and people will still be skeptical. But this is massive for him. He's been pretty open about playing for an HBCU (historically black college and universities). It started a couple months ago when he had these quotes (via 247)

"I've always looked into going to an HBCU; my mom went to Hampton, and she put it in my head early, with my social media following and influence I feel that I have a chance to change sports forever," Williams wrote. "A lot of athletes are so star struck by big-name schools and coaches that they forget they control their own narrative.

“Any way I can help or make a change in the black community best believe I am going to do that,” Williams wrote. “Only God knows what the future holds. But when that time does come that I have to narrow my schools down to whatever number it is...there WILL be multiple HBCU’s on that list! And they won’t just be there for show.”

A couple things reading those quotes again. Makes a ton of sense why he has Hampton on the top-10 list. They are one of the better HBCU basketball programs and with his mom going there, it would make sense for him to consider Hampton seriously. Throw in the fact in the second quote, he's following his word. He said there will be multiple HBCU's and they won't just be for show. He has five. NC Central, Hampton, Texas Southern, Tennessee State and Alabama State. One team he doesn't have is Duke, which makes this tweet even funnier: 

Makur Maker deciding to go to Howard was massive news. As good as Maker is, Mikey Williams is a better recruit. The fact he's even considering HBCU's is still bringing talk to those programs. I've said it before but we're starting to see guys go different routes. Whether it's overseas, the G League or you look at Anthony Edwards to Georgia, guys like Fultz/Stewart/McDaniels to Washington, Cade Cunningham to Oklahoma State, Evan Mobley to USC, etc, guys aren't just always going to the typical blue blood programs. This is something that could happen with Mikey Williams and going to one of the HBCU's. 

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