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Bol Bol Dropped A Double-Double In His First Ever NBA Game, Promptly Gets A 'Random' Drug Test Right After

Bol Bol absolutely blew up today. Sure, it's exhibition against a Wizards team that is bad by Wizards standards. But it was the first ever game for Bol Bol, the son of Manute, a 7'2" dude playing small forward and doing things that most 7'2" people shouldn't be able to do. And perhaps that's why the NBA did this right after the game: 

Feel like that PR guy making the announcement has to be cracking up. It always happens like this. Dude has a random great game, a stretch of solid play, becomes the news story on Twitter for a few hours and then it's bam 'random' drug test. Everyone knows it's coming. They aren't even testing for weed there! It's all the other stuff. I say fuck it, let these guys in the bubble live. Let them take whatever drug or PED they want. 

I still think Michael Malone needs a drug test for rolling out this starting five: 

So fucking ridiculous to see still - even after I blogged it by itself. Good for Bol Bol though man. The dude had a nasty injury in college, that along with some questions about his game that he didn't get to address while playing caused him to fall to the second round in the NBA Draft. He had to sign a two-way contract - which the Nuggets still have him on for NEXT year. He finally makes his NBA debut in this exhibition and blows up. There's no doubt that if he stays healthy he can be a unique player in this game. 

Whenever I blog drug tests I feel obligated to put this clip in from Out Cold. Such a great fucking movie.