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Senator Who Does Not Understand How College Sports Work Says 'We Cannot Have a Bidding War Over Recruits' During NIL Hearing

The United States Senate is currently holding hearings pertaining to the NCAA's adoption of name, image and likeness compensation and what that will look like and mean for the future of collegiate athletics. Having players be able to be compensated for their own names is obviously going to be a massive shift in how the NCAA has done things forever, so there's a lot to iron out.

Today, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina let it be known that he hasn't been keeping up too much with the state of college football and basketball recruiting recently, saying, "We cannot have a bidding war for recruits."

Oh, to be young and naive again. I legitimately wonder how Graham thinks a make-believe televangelist turned Clemson — you know, the team in his own state which has made the College Football Playoff each of the last five years — from a running punchline into a national power with the best roster in the country. Pure happenstance, I'm sure.

But to be totally honest, I'm completely on board with having bidding wars for recruits — as if that's not happening already. Why should collegiate athletics be the one exception to people making the maximum amount of money they can for their labor?

The teams with all the money are already running college football. They would continue to do so, but athletes would be getting paid market value for their services and we could remove the facade of amateurism around college football and basketball.

We all know the major prospects are getting paid under the table, so let's just make it all above board. All you'd be doing is paying these kids on the books from the schools instead of in duffel bags from the local car dealership owner.

Nobody tell Graham about the Zion Williamson case going on right now. I'm not sure he could handle it.