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This Weather Is Getting Martha Stewart All Hot And Bothered

Goodness gracious. Martha Stewart is feeling thirsty! Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the pool, or maybe it's the quarantine and isolation - whatever it is, it's working for Ms. Stewart. I mean, this woman is days away from turning 79 and she's still posting sultry bikini photos and looking damn good doing it. 

I would argue she's sexier now than she was back in the 60s during her modeling days. 

That young lady was sweet, wholesome, and innocent; she didn't know what life would bring her or the lessons that would turn her into a WOMAN. She couldn't have predicted the millions of recipes she would test and develop to build her mega-empire or the number of people whose lives she would make beautiful and delicious through it. She certainly couldn't have known that the demise of her image thanks to incarceration would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to her and her friendships.

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Only a lived woman could catch Snoop Dogg off-guard with her eloquent words. 

And only a truly special, fearless woman could prove to be too much for the internet with a zesty caption on a chicken piccata video.

Sure, now the caption is lame, but initially it read, "Martha pounding butterflied chicken breasts wishing she was pounding someone's ?????" Don't let the third-person grammar fool you into thinking someone else posted the message, it was Martha craving some of that quarantine d.

Like a fine wine, she only gets better with age.