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Fans Attending NFL Games This Season Will Be Required To Wear Masks


Probably shouldn't be the most shocking news, but the NFL PR Guy just said that if you are in attendance at an NFL game this season, you will have to wear a mask. Seems like a pretty solid give and take if you ask me. Give a little (wearing a little piece of fabric across your face) to get a lot (live sports back). And even better news, if you want to watch games but don't want to wear a mask, you can still do that from your couch. Everyone wins!

I'm sure there are people boo hoo'ing on Twitter right now about this but I can't find the strength to dig through the replies to find the "herp derp, I'm boycotting the NFL, herp derp" responses. Never in the history of people threatening to boycott the NFL has anyone actually boycotted the NFL. It's all just whiners and complainers. 

And besides, wearing masks at NFL games is nothing new, just ask Lions fans.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions Rey Del Rio. Getty Images.


Or Dolphins fans


Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins Getty Images.


Or Browns fans


Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Jason Miller. Getty Images.


Or honestly, fans of 80% of the teams. Sort of a win if you ask me. Don't catch COVID from slobbering drunk fans and not show your face? Sign me up. (But not really. Sitting on the couch watching every game >>>>>>> going to sit outside and watching 1 game).