Today In The NASCAR Sprint Cup Race I'm Rooting For The Number 83 Dan Bilzerian Car

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TMZ - Dan Bilzerian is new face of NASCAR … well, at least for one race … ’cause the billionaire playboy’s grill will be on the front hood of a car competing in Saturday’s Sprint Cup Race … TMZ Sports has learned. So, how the hell did he make that happen? Dan’s a huge poker player –and he recently beat the snot out of BK Racing owner Ron Devine. But instead of forcing Ron to pay up in cash, Dan wanted to go all Ricky Bobby … so he made a deal to get his mug plastered on one of Ron’s NASCAR whips, which will be competing at Richmond International Speedway.  

Dan’s world and we’re just living in it. When you already have so much money that you’re getting paid debts by having your face plastered onto the hood of a race car, that’s when you know you’ve made it. Well I guess he knew he’d made it when he bought his first plane or the fact he can win or lose a few million in a poker game without blinking an eye, but this isn’t bad either. To be able to wake up one day and be like fuck money, I want my face and my pet goat to be on a NASCAR is so ridiculous you have no choice but to respect it. I know a lot of people hate this guy, but I’ve written before, all that seems to stem from jealousy because he’s living the life we all would if we could.

PS: I can’t belive he’s going to the White House Correspondents Dinner and I’m not. I need an invite next year.


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Shouts to my guy @gbaroth for the pics