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Jared Dudley Thinks The Biggest Obstacle For Harmony In The NBA Bubble Is Players Not Being Around 'Female Companions'

[The Athletic] - And Dudley didn’t mince words when asked what he thought was going to be the biggest obstacle to harmony in the bubble, culture-wise.

“I think not being around a female companion,” Dudley said.

“Your people who are married, you have your wives,” he said. “I won’t see my wife for seven weeks. When’s the last time it’s ever happened? We’re not going to Iraq for war, or doing anything. But for us, it’s you not seeing your wife and kids. I think that’s a huge shock. Even AAU basketball – you go for your week and you go home, right? I don’t care how you do it. … I think (some) people, you have your girlfriends, and I think people that are just ‘free-floaters,’ as I call them. Not being able to have that for that long of a stretch. Let’s just be honest.

And this is just another reason why the bubble is so damn fascinating to me. These guys - married, single, whatever - can pretty much be around a female whenever they want. Now they are just stuck playing hoops and hanging out with friends. Honestly, doesn't sound that bad, but still. We got a strict no female companion order here, even if an LA model says she was invited to fly out. 

Really I need this to lead to more fights though. Give me all the sexual frustration coming through with hard fouls and spats in the hallway. I want guys so pissed off that they don't have female companions around that they are just playing like Russell Westbrook mixed with Pat Bev for 48 minutes. Tell me that wouldn't get old school guys back in the game? 

I'll say this about Dudley's answer too. It's honest! He's not bitching about the food or rooms or anything like that. Like he said, they aren't going to war. This is strictly about not having chicks around. Sure, they can fish and golf and go to pool parties, but there's no female companion man. This is how I assume every girlfriend/wife will be when they see computers after bubble life: 

I still think we need cameras in the bubble at all times like Real World. I'd slap on an hour recap show during the day with confessionals and shit. Give me all of that before we get to watch games all day.