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Creed Bratton Details His Mid-Concert Onstage Acid Experience on Pardon My Take

On today's Pardon My Take, actor, singer, and musician Creed Bratton joined the show. This interview focused on The Office, Brattion's music career, and included a crazy story about him doing acid in the later 60's on stage at a concert. Here is how that situation went down:

Mr. Cat: I read a book a while ago, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and, you know, the Grateful Dead. Were you ever in that scene or around that scene?

Creed Bratton: Well, when we played at Mount Tamalpais, everybody, the audience and people on stage, everybody there was on acid. It was just flowing, everybody was just handing it out everywhere. It was just insane, just insane. I remember we were out in People's Park before a film or show. I think this is a famous story, but I'll tell it anyway. 

Creed Bratton: A girl comes up to Ricky and I, the drummer, and she's a little hippie. Little tattoo, flower on her cheek, and a little gingham dress, and she goes, "For youuuuu." And she's got the little white squares with blue dots in them. And I read the Newsweek article, so I knew it was acid. So, I took it, went to do the show, started hallucinating onstage. I'm not going to get into it right now, but yes, I was there. 

Mr. Commenter: No, feel free to get into it. You just told the start of a great story, I'd like to hear more.

Creed Bratton: Alright, alright. So, I popped the acid in. We get in the car and Ricky says, "That was really nice of that girl. We should take the stuff after the show." I went, "Yeahhhhh... too late then." We get onstage, we get there, we get into our cool rock outfits, and walk out on the stage. And all of a sudden, I'm looking like this, my hands are glowing. And there's like rainbow colors between the vortexes in my hand. And I'm also like I go like this, there's this taffy between my hands. And I hear BillGraham going, "PLAY! PLAY!" But it's more like... "PUHHHHH-LAYYYYY..... PUHHHHHH LAYYYY!"

Creed Bratton: So, I play the guitar and play the notes, so I look behind me at the speaker, and out the speaker, I'm hallucinating now. And there's the notes I played on staff paper, comes out of the paper, and the notes fall off, onto the floor, and go, ohhh, the poor notes. So, I get down on knees with the imaginary dustpan and a broom, and I'm sweeping up the notes and trying to push them back into my amplifier. And I couldn't play. I dropped my pants, let that pony dance, gave it some air. And they were not happy. Bill Graham was certainly not happy. I had to come back the next week and make that show up. But that was the only time that ever done anything like that on stage. And it was just something that wasn't planned. It was it was just the spur of the moment because, again, acid was everywhere.

Well, that story was a wild ride, to say the least. I can only imagine if something like this happened in the present. The pure imagery of Creed Bratton sweeping up the music notes with a broom and dustpan to make sure they get back in his guitar is just unreal.