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RIP To UConn Legend Stanley "Sticks" Robinson

Just awful news this morning. 

As a young UConn fan, I thought Stanley "Sticks" Robinson was the greatest gift basketball had ever seen. I expected him to end up in the Hall of Fame after averaging 30 PPG in the NBA. I was young and dumb, but man was he fun to watch. 

The man could jump out of any gym in America. 

I loved that 2008-09 UConn team. I tried to convince my dad to go to the Final Four. UConn ended up losing to Michigan State in the Final Four, but I have nothing but great memories from that team. 

Stanley played from 2006-2010 at UConn. His senior season he averaged 14.5 PPG. My favorite memory of his is this dunk against #1 Texas:

It's weird when your favorite athletes die. You most likely don't have a personal relationship with them, but you felt like you knew them. You've spent hours cheering them on and viewed them as a superior human being to yourself. Then, one day, you wake up and they're just gone. The guy you grew up watching passes away at 32. Just doesn't feel right. 

God bless Sticks and his family. Gone too soon. Rest in power, king.