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Breaking News: Getting Married? Miltons Is Here To Pimp Your Wedding This Wedding Season

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If you’ve already locked down a wife then the next thing you need to lock down is a suit for the wedding day. Well our boys over at Miltons are here to hook you up for FREE. They’ll outfit your ENTIRE wedding party of up to 8 groomsmen with all the duds you need. Can’t roll to the altar in your gameday sweats and lucky tshirt then expect to get it in on your wedding night. Still gotta show effort even if you’re getting married. Get good looking clothes and save money, basically lock up “Husband of the Year” before you even say “I do.”  How does it work? All you’ve got to do to enter is send us an email ( with some pictures stating your case on why you and your wedding party should be pimped. The first winner will be selected in July, but there will be multiple winners so if you’re tying the knot this fall we’ve still got you. It’s as simple as that.


PS – All you stoolie brides out there are also welcome to enter your groom into the contest since you are probably doing all the planning anyways.