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Watching Jaylen Brown And Jayson Tatum Play King Of The Court Is Intoxicating

I mean.....

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I think I need a moment or five after watching that video for what is by my count the 10,000,000,000th time. I've long stated that King of The Court is one of my favorite things to watch, so much so that I'm in the camp that this should be added to the All Star Weekend slate. Get rid of the Skills Competition and give me the best of the best going against each other. No brainer decision in my book. 

Now I know that as these clips start to come out involving your favorite team, it's hard to not get excited. This isn't just the case with the Celts, every fanbase feels this way as they see bubble footage. But I couldn't help but notice a couple things during that incredible 2 minute Jaylen/Tatum video that have me feeling even more excited about this restart. 

- Call me crazy, and maybe this is because I haven't seen him play in 133 days, but Jayson Tatum looks bigger right? He looks stronger and more filled out. That's important for a couple reasons, but mainly it tells me he's built for the physicality of the playoffs. This could be useful because maybe now he'll drive to the rim and get to the line even more. Anyone who watches this team knows how important that is. He looks like he's built to withstand the physicality of being a #1 option.

- The evolution of Jaylen Brown's bag has been beautiful to watch. What first blew me away was how quick his first step is. That's elite quickness right there folks. But once you get past that you see how comfortable he is finishing with either hand. That is not something Jaylen always had. Especially with the left. The way he can change speeds and finish with confidence over a player with great wingspan is fantastic.

- Tatum's fall away/step back game is what is going to unlock his game and bring it to new heights. We already saw the evolution of that when it came to his outside shot before the hiatus. Dude loves that side step three.  You look at some of the best scorers in the game and this is a move they've mastered. I couldn't stop thinking of Kevin Durant while watching that footage which is insane I know, but still. The thought was there. With his length, how do you guard that?

- Jaylen won this battle 4-3. People need to start putting respect on the type of season Jaylen is having. He's just as valuable and is just as much of a reason for the team's success/playoff chances as Tatum. Without his leap, none of this happens. 

All I know is Friday cannot come soon enough. Even if they both only play limited minutes it doesn't matter. It's been so long and after getting footage like this I just want to see them play. The two Jays are the future and goddamn does the future look bright.