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Your Daily Cam Newton Adrenaline Rush: He's Working Out with Julian Edelman

Another day, another 100cc of beta-endorphins injected straight into the pleasure center of your brain, courtesy of Cam Newton. 

And honestly, this is the one we've all been waiting for. It's great to see Newton throwing to Mohamed Sanu, N'Keal Harry and rookie Devin Asiasi like he's been doing. But in the Patriots offense, Julian Edelman is the key to unlocking your God Mode. Coming off a career year, with the most yards he's ever had and at or near his best in every statistical category. Whoever wins the starting quarterback job in camp is going to need the other guys, but if he's not emotionally linked to Edelman like those blue cat people in "Avatar" bonded with those pterodactyl things (note that "Avatar" really isn't a very good movie), the whole system is going to fail. 

But there's more to this than scheme, chemistry, catches and yards. There's a human component to this as well. When Tom Brady left and took Gronk with him, there wasn't a man, woman or child in New England who wasn't worried about what it would do to Edelman. And when Brady started organizing workouts with his new teammates, on some level it had to feel for him like seeing an ex's wedding photos. But whether he's bothered by his old quarterback leaving him for someone else or not, Edelman remains All Business Jules. With everything to prove. The same chip on his shoulder. Another QB to get open for. More championships to be won. 

And meanwhile, about 3,000 miles closer to where camp begins next week:

I honestly do think the QB1 job belongs to no man right now and it's going to be a wide-open competition. And the most fascinating story line in the NFL between now and Week 1, no matter how it plays out. Practices can't start soon enough.